Covid-19 Information

We know you have questions and concerns about Covid-19 (coronavirus).  It’s important to focus on facts which is why we monitor information from the CDC and Indiana State Department of Health daily.  We’re committed to keeping you informed, safe and healthy as we manage through this pandemic together.  Here’s some important information for you about the office as well as a handful of resources you may find helpful.  At New Moon Center for Women’s Health, we treat women well!

Current Office Protocol

Since the situation remains fluid, our office protocols change frequently. Here’s our current protocol:

  • We are open and seeing all patients. Please don’t put off important annual exams, mammograms or other wellness visits. Your health is our priority! 

  • Don’t come to the office if you feel sick or have a fever. Call us first, and if necessary, we’ll reschedule your appointment.

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask in the office. We’ll also take your temperature when you arrive.

  • Our goal is to minimize the time you spend in the waiting room. Don’t be surprised if we quickly move you to an exam room or other private area in the office to wait. The coffee machine and children’s play area have been temporarily removed from the waiting room for everyone’s safety.

  • We love your children, but please don’t bring them or other guests into the office right now. If someone brings you to your appointment, ask them to wait in the car. It’s for their benefit as much as for the other patients and our staff members. If you have to bring your children to the office, call us ahead of time so we can make arrangements for you to wait someplace other than the waiting room.

  • If you’re pregnant, you are welcome to bring one person with you to your appointment. They will need to wear a mask and have a temperature check as well.

  • We are performing procedures in the office as well as scheduling elective surgeries. Don’t let fear keep you from seeking necessary healthcare. If you’re concerned or unsure whether you should have surgery now, talk with us. We’re here to answer your questions and help keep you safe.

How We’re Keeping

Our Environment Safe for Patients & Staff

  • Hand washing is vital to staff and patients. We have multiple restrooms and hand washing stations in our office, as well as in every exam room.

  • Hand sanitizer for patients and staff use are located throughout the office. Help yourself!

  • All hard surfaces are cleaned and sanitized several times per day. In addition, our cleaning company has instituted a special cleaning program to disinfect all surfaces.

  • Exam rooms are sanitized between patients.

  • Employees are asked to stay home or sent home if symptomatic.

  • Staff is wearing personal protective equipment and following social distancing protocol (no handshakes, contact only for exam and procedures, etc.)

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