Who needs a coposcopy?

Who needs a colposcopy?

After an abnormal Pap smear or HPV test, your physician may recommend performing a colposcopy exam to look for abnormal cells on your cervix. These cells may indicate inflammation or pre-cancerous changes that could develop into cervical cancer if left untreated.

Waht is a DySIS colposcopy exam?

What is a DYSIS colposcopy exam?

The DYSIS Advanced Cervical Imaging System measures the acetowhitening effect, which is an indication of abnormal cells. This helps your doctor select biopsies to catch abnormal areas early while they are small and easily treatable. It allows you to watch the exam if you choose, and your doctor can store images and video to compare to future exams if needed.

How has DySIS helped women

How has DYSIS helped women?

"I was nervous after my Pap smear came back abnormal again. But, having a DYSIS colposcopy exam put me at ease as I could see the results and discuss them with my doctor immediately."

- Kim S., Tampa, FL

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What is the DYSISmap?

The DYSISmap is a unique color-coded digital scan of the acetowhitening process. Using a color scale, the map indicates any area of the cervix that may have extreme acetowhitening. These are the areas that your physician may want to examine further through biopsy.